Company Introduction

Quality improvement

Warmness to the world by JOUL, dreams about warm world

Quality assurance system

Joul Co., LTD has established the quality assurance requirement from ASME NQA -1, KEPIC QAP-1, and developed the activity for guaranteeing the reliability and safety in product.

Document system for quality


Acquisition of UL Mark certificate

- 1999 Cartridge Heater
- 2000 Immersion Heater

Acquisition of KEPIC certificate

2016 KEPIC-MN (MN-685)

Registered company for Q grade in quality

[Q] (from Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., LTD)

Acquisition of GD Mark certificate

1996 Heating Blower

Acquisition of CE Mark certificate

2002 Mist Collector

List of patent application

division Contents Application Registration Remarks
01 Wall clock 1997.07 Design
02 Oil mist remover 1998.12 Patent
03 Exhaust gas reducer 1999.03 Utility model
04 Refractory wood and its manufacturing method 1999.07 Patent
05 Overload relays with automatic load recognition 2000.02 Utility model
06 Skin beauty machine that can emit natural wood flavor 2001.08 Utility model
07 Heat pump dryer and refrigerated warehouse 2001.09 Patent
08 Tubular heaters with anti-leaking function 2001.12 Utility model
09 Metal heating element of electric Ondol heating system 2003.02 Utility model
10 Oil mist dust collector 2004.03 Design
11 Heating tank for frying 2004.04 Utility model
12 JOUL 2004.08 Trademark
13 Frame structure that prevents leak of HEPA filter 2005.07 Utility model
14 Heater insulation material and insulation performance test equipment of heater 2006.09 Patent
15 Direct heating type electric boiler 2008.04 Patent
16 Electric liquid heater 2008.09 Design
17 Electric boiler (small) 2008.09 Design
18 Electric heater 2010.05 Design
19 Electric boiler (large) 2010.08 Design
20 Radioactive particle and gas processor 2011.05 Utility model
21 Cold stone 2011.10 Trademark
22 Cyclone type combustion device using fire plate 2011.11 Patent
23 Electric steam boiler 2012.07 Patent
24 Wooden building and construction method of wooden building 2012.11 Patent
25 Steam boiler using heat accumulation block 2013.02 Patent
26 Mobile nuclear air and gas processor 2014.12 Patent