Company Introduction


Warmness to the world by JOUL, dreams about warm world


Our company was established in 1990, and manufacturing the best industrial heaters.
Joul provides service for clean air (environment) field, and takes a leading pioneer role in nuclear power and industry areas.

JOULdoes not hesitate to invest and research to become a leading company in heat application engineering. We hope that we will be the best partner for heating technology.

Company Overview

Company JOUL CO.,LTD.
CEO Kim Hee-Ok
Address 130 Cheomdanventure-ro Buk-gu Gwangju (971 Wolchul-dong)
TEL +82-62.972.4455
FAX +82-62.972.4400
Established Year 1990. 01
Factory scale Building site 3,500㎡ / Factory 1,534㎡
Business item Electric appliances, thermal fluid application, environmental equipment manufacturing and testing, air conditioner, air purifier manufacturing installation, engineering